Custom Stencils

We are able to offer a bespoke stencil cutting service. Should you need a custom made logo stencil for your company, decorative stencil for your furniture, packaging stencil, etc., we can help you. We can cut any design using our high quality reusable material. The material we use is specifically selected to be sturdy whilst also being flexible. The material is also reusable, cleanable, strong and suitable for use with any type of paint.

We cut:

   - Logo stencils
   - Decorative stencils
   - Text and Number stencils
   - Flight Case Stencils
   - Branding stencils
   - Shipping and Packaging Stencils
   - Graffiti stencils
   - Furniture stencil
   - Clothes stencils

If you required a custom stencil simply send us a good quality graphic file (i.e, .eps, .ai, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .giff) with size information. Email us at or fill up the Contact Us form


Prices depends on the amount of cutting in the design and the size of the stencil. If we have to spend a lot of time re-creating an image to make it suitable for stencilling we will charge you for our time.

Some of custom stencils we’ve done recently:

A massive logo for Kung Fu school in London

Large Kunf Fu Logo

A custom made Platinum Presentations logo for flight cases
Platinum Presentations logo for Flight cases

A custom made "Beach Way" logo for beauty salon in Thailand
Custom logo for beauty salon
Custom made logos for Ras L'Bock brewery in Canada
Custom made logo stencils for Ras L'Bock brewery in Canada