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    Whether you want to buy a Banksy stencil to make your home or space look cool and contemporary or you are thinking about decorating a room and want to use the magic of stencils to add decorative patterns we have a huge amount of amazing creative stencils to buy in sizes to suit your project.

    Our stencils are popular for both home use and in businesses such as cafes, bars and restaurants. In fact our stencils have been used on anything from furniture patterns to massive logos for football pitches. Add a touch of originality to your cafe with one of our celebrity face stencils, always sure to be a centre piece and much more cool than a boring old picture.

We specialise in stencils for children’s nursery rooms including every children’s character stencil you can imagine as well as alphabets and other shape and pattern stencils for nurseries.

We can also make any custom stencil that you may require at just about any size. Simply send in the graphic file of what you need or let us know what it is you want and we can show you how it will look as a stencil. Use your imagination and we do the rest.

Happy stencilling!

What People Say

I am so impressed on how this product made it all the way from London to USA in such a short time. I have always been reserved to order outside the USA but this seller made me feel at ease and provided outstanding service. The stencils came in better than imaginable! Thank you for making it possible to finish my son's 1st birthday projects with these amazing stencils!

Fantastic personal service. Great attention to every detail. A pleasure to do business with.